Western Sandblasting Powder Coat Services of Idaho was founded by Calvin Miller in 1959 and was carried on by Tom Miller in 1983. Tom operated the family business until 2002 when the business was acquired by Alex McGarry who owned and operated Powder Coat Services of Idaho since 1991. The result of this merger created a one stop media blasting and coating facility: Western Sandblasting Powdercoat Service of Idaho. We are now the leading provider of coating services and finishing services to a diverse range of our customers in Boise, Idaho.

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We are here to help you with your powder coating needs for metal work, vehicles and many more. Call ourpowder coating specialists for professional assistance with all your powder coating projects. We look forward to working with you.

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Western Sandblasting & Powder Coat Service of Idaho

Your reliable sandblasting contractors at Western Sandblasting Powdercoat Service of Idaho in Boise, ID specialize in media blasting, powder coating and ceramic coating services. Our effective and safe media blasting techniques give you the best results for vehicles including automobiles. When you need beautiful and durable coating for your car or furniture, trust us to add aesthetic value to your valuable assets and make them shine like new!